The Anti-CEO Playbook

Successful business like successful projects is about relationships. A Philosophy that prioritizes connection and values the employee goes a long way. The question is how to be a noble leader? To truly earn the trust of your employees.

Chobani commits to put people before profits.

What is business about?

Is it about money or shareholders or profits?

See above and beyond profits. Hamidi Ulukaya argues that a focus on community and relationship will go a long way and describes this as the Anti-CEO playbook.

It is about gratitude.

Taking care of your employees not the profits. Then you will have motivated employees who will chase the profits for you.

It is about community.

Businesses should go to the struggling communities and should ask how can we help you?

Search for communities that you can be part of.

It is about responsibility.

Business must take a side. i.e. employing refugees i.e. get translation and

It is about accountability

CEO reports to the consumers. Right with your consumer, community and your product.

The difference between return on investment and return on kindness.

Don’t build walls but start painting the walls.

The anti-ceo playbook | Hamdi Ulukaya

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