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The Prosperity Paradox

Countries don’t develop because they’ve reduced corruption, they are able to reduce corruption because they developed, this is the prosperity paradox. A big part of development is leveraging technology that creates a market where everyone can participate.


The Anti-CEO Playbook

Successful business like successful projects is about relationships. A Philosophy that prioritizes connection and values the employee goes a long way. The question is how to be a noble leader? To truly earn the...

Art of Gravitas 0

The Art of Gravitas

The key to having gravitas is being authentic with who you are. Rooted in your own abilities but having the courage to sprout wings and stretch yourself.


Tempting technology…

Technology today is so demanding, as anyone with a smartphone knows. It is constantly buzzing and beeping saying “read me”, “pay attention to me”, “this is important”, “you’re missing out..”. When was the last...