Author: Michael Kennedy


Tempting technology…

Technology today is so demanding, as anyone with a smartphone knows. It is constantly buzzing and beeping saying “read me”, “pay attention to me”, “this is important”, “you’re missing out..”. When was the last...


Lies, damned lies, and Politics

Mark Twain’s popularised this famous quote “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” But the sentiment behind statistics seems relevant to the use of lies in modern political discussion. A discussion which is becoming even harder to discern because of the use of technology to hide propaganda and influence whole communities in subtle barely detectable but effective ways.

Ten Emotions 0

Ten emotions to use for better projects

I know what your thinking, surely you can’t be talking about emotions in the workplace! especially not in a steely nose business environment or a stressful project delivery 🙂 Well think again, these emotions...