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The Art of the Argument

A common misconception is that arguments ought to lead to an agreement. What they truly aim to achieve, however, is a consensus – that is, complete shared faith in the outcome. So the goal of an argument is not to win, but to win over your audience.


The Prosperity Paradox

Countries don’t develop because they’ve reduced corruption, they are able to reduce corruption because they developed, this is the prosperity paradox. A big part of development is leveraging technology that creates a market where everyone can participate.


Don’t be a Zooombie!

An introverts guide to Working from home. Some tips on how to survive remote working, I really liked this short Ted talk during my lunchtime walk:  Pay attention to ritual and routine. Find what...

Art of Gravitas 0

The Art of Gravitas

The key to having gravitas is being authentic with who you are. Rooted in your own abilities but having the courage to sprout wings and stretch yourself.


Art of Persuasion

Art of persuasion is needed in any project where people need to work together collarboratively, to help resolve differences of opinion,