The future of food delivery technology

With the Covid Pandemic set to disrupt retailers for some time to come. What is the future of food delivery and how can companies make it safer contactless delivery.

George Mason University has been pioneering robot food delivery since 2019. This provides a convenient service to staff and students who want there groceries or food delivered to wherever they are on campus.

From Taco’s to Coffee delivered by drone, restaurants are exploring the future of drone delivery technology. With the relaxation of aviation regulation making this technology viable it is is going to be interesting to see.

Several recent IPO’s have seen some flunks with Deliveroo’s launch on the stock exchange and Zomato’s success in India. The sector has razor-sharp profit margins so any profitability in this market is going to take something special.

Until customers are comfortable returning to restaurants the online food delivery industry is destined for growth. What will be interesting to see is how this translates into successful companies with attractive profits.

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