The Art of Innovation – “mmhmm”

The companies that innovate the fastest will be the ones that thrive. The art of innovation is using a problem and turning that pain and frustration into something positive. In this time of pandemic, its sometimes hard to find the positives.

Avoiding the Zoom-Apocalypse feeling

Anyone who has to spend most of the day on calls in front of computer can feel fatigued. However, some people find positives in the most difficult circumstances. I was inspired by this interview with Phil Libin who is best known as the co-founder and former CEO of Evernote.

Firstly, Phil Libin’s latest project is a tool to help everyone avoid the feeling of a Zoom-apocalypse! When you spend too much of the day in front of a laptop talking with clients and colleagues. Secondly, He took that frustrating user experience and social interaction and thought about how to innovate. How to present information in an interactive and engaging way. Finally, the app will work across your video sharing platform of choice and is available in a beta format at See the teaser video below.

Tired of living all day on video 🙂

Innovating out of problems

How can we make video calls not only engaging but entertaining and get your message across?

The big change in the new working from-home-world is that there is no boundary between home and work. Between online content, video conference, PowerPoint presentation, and an audio call. We can save so much time in not having to commute to an office but how do we maintain some feeling of humanity on a dry, poorly lit video chat.

I think this is an innovative way of re-imagining meetings. How can we interact with our colleagues? Yes it would be better to have a face to face meeting occasionally. But I love the innovative idea behind this technology which repurposes existing technology in a new way that makes it more appealing.

I’m really interested to get hold of the beta of this as it would certainly liven up any video meeting.

That next big idea…

I’m thinking every day how I can channel the problems I face into solutions that that innovate and add value. I think we can all find ways to improve the way we work and adapt to the new normal. Here’s to innovating and breaking the pain barriers 🙂

Here is the interview on iHeart:

Evernote Founder Wants to Save Us from Boring Video CallsWWEvernote Founder Wants to Save Us from Boring Video Calls

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